Now here's another [take] on this issue,this time

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    Source: A New Approach To Refugees: Pay Them To Go Home

    The movement of people across borders because of war, natural disasters or just the desire for opportunity has become one of the pressing issues of our time. Now here's another take on this issue,this time, from Europe. And we will start with a number - 158,000. That's roughly how many refugees remain in limbo after arriving in Europe, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa.
    Hi everyone! Does "take" mean "reaction"?

    70. a response or reaction:She did a slow take when they told her she was arrested.
    take - Dictionary of English
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    No. "Another take on this" or "A different take on this" means "A different way of looking at this". The phrase has been around for years.

    It probably originated with films. Often the same one-minute-long scene is filmed several times. Each time they film it, that is another "take". So if the director wants a "different take", he wants that scene done differently. He may tell one actor "this time, get angry when she says her line -- act really offended". After all the filming is done, the director will review all the "different takes" of the scene, each of them giving the audience a different way of looking at the events in the film, and decide which "take" to include in the final movie.

    It is not the same "take" as in your definition 70. There a "slow take" means something like turning around slowly and staring at them, as a reaction to what they said.
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    I see. Thanks. :idea:

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