Now I'm breaking at the britches

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    hi everyone, i found this line in a song and i can't find out the sense of it...britches are "trousers"in american english, but i don´t know what "breaking at the britches" could mean...

    thank you in advance!!
  2. Sallyb36

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    I think it means that he has got too fat for his trousers!
  3. espider Senior Member

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    Depends on the context. Imminent ex-trouser eruption could be due to obesity or, shall we say "excitement". Could well be the latter if this is some redneck C&W song or worse.
  4. chicoetereo Member

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    [thanks for your help, yes, it must be the second option, definetly has more sense, and yes, you are right, is a redneck-C&W-song...that i love indeed...
  5. Lis48

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    I don´t think it has a sexual meaning in the song as he´s feeling desperate at the end of a relationship, on the edge of collapse. I strongly suspect that the lyrics aren´t that at all but should be "I´m breaking at the bridges" which make far more sense in the context. I´ve just googled that and others assume that too e.g.
    Have a look at other possible interpretations here.
  6. dmondy New Member

    It's very possible that the reference "breakin' at the britches" in the song "Skinny Love" could be indicating that his love is not skinny, but indeed very full. He is outgrowing his clothes while she has no love left in her.

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