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    I'm dealing with gerundives and I'd like your help. I'm trying to translate this phrase, "Now is time to dismiss the gods of desert and greet the gods of vegetation". With "dismiss" I mean discharge, send away, say goodbye, bid farewell; with "greet" I mean hail, welcome.
    I was not sure about the precision of salveo and valeo and their nominal forms, so my first attempt is: Nunc est amandandum deserti deos et salutandum viriditatis deos. I'm not sure about these verbs either, and it still sounds clumsy. Do you have any suggestion? I would be glad to know.
  2. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    The impersonal form neutral gerundive + est ( legendum est ) cannot be followed by an accusative ; in that case a personal structure is used with a verbal adjective + sum replacing the gerundive ( Historia legenda est and not :cross:Legendum est historiam .

    I'd suggest relinquo for the translation of to dismiss ; as for salveo and valeo I also think they have no gerundives and verbal adjectives. So :

    Nunc deserti dei relinquendi et viriditatis dei salutandi sunt.
  3. Casquilho Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Portuguese - Brazil
    Thanks, J. F.

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