Now that you mention it

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  • jonathan5000

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    There are several ways to translate it, depending on context. What is your complete sentence?
    In this instance I'm not translating a sentence, I was more so wondering how this phrase would be used if dropped into a casual conversation in French. Would it be the same thing?


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    let's give an example : two guys are talking about a film. The first one says "this film is nice but it ends in a strange way because bla bla" the second one replies :" now you mention it, I agree with you , I had noticed it before"
    in french : "ce film est sympa mais se termine bizarrement, parce que ...." "maintenant que tu le dis, je suis d'accord avec toi, je ne l'avais pas remarqué avant"

    this example is silly, but does it help you ?
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