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    Does anyone know what NSW status might mean in the context of architecture in Netherlands. I have been translating a text about an ancient mansion for sale in Netherlands and cannot find appropriate explanation for this, as almost everywhere I find New South Wales which is a province in Australia:


    * There are 6 beautiful original fireplaces in the house with monumental chimneys, 3 bathrooms and 4 toilets.

    * Throughout the house are the original white parquet floors and partly
    marbled floors, placards and original granite floors.
    * The estimated volume is 1,750 m3 with a total area ofapproximately
    415 m².
    * “Winfried” is a private estate which is not open to the public and has a NSW status (Act 1928).
    * The estate has two private entrances, the main entrance with a 200 metres original paved driveway from the road."

    NSW? What does it stand for?
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    Natuurschoon wet. I'm not sure exactly what it entails, but it is something like a 'listed building'. :)
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    Thank you, I have already found as it seems to me. It means the monument of nature
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    Thank you very much, PaulQ, fancy meeting you!

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