nuclear hamlet


I came over this term and, while I have looked up the words separately, I am not sure of the meaning in a compund noun. Does it has anything to do with nuclear power, or is it more like the meaning of the nuclear family?

Any suggestions recieved with thanks!
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    Hey Andy - My guess is that the term is from anthropology/sociology. It looks much odder than it is: it's simply a small settlement with all the dwellings clumped together in a central nucleus. (So the same use of the word "nuclear" as in "nuclear family," but talking about a small town rather than a family.

    But I would understand if you considered this to be wild speculation and deleted it.
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    Hi, sorry, I thought it might be a common expression.

    It is from a popular novel by Milly Johnson, kalled White Wedding.

    The sentence is: Postbox Cottage was on the other side of Maltstone, in a nuclear hamlet called Little Kippling.

    Thanks, Andy, this does make sense.
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