nullify / postpone warranty [+ void]

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Hi, I answered some of my brother's entrance tests, but I think that the teacher has solved them wrongly! Would you please help me to understand if I am right or he? Thanks a lot.

During the following questions, what is the correct answer?

141) If you damage your refrigerator while trying to fix it, you could possibly ............... your warranty and find yourself responsible for all the repair costs.
1) elude 2) nullify 3) manipulate 4) postpone
I checked number 2 but the teacher has checked number 4.
  • SReynolds

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    Your original answer seems to be correct (although I would normally say that your warranty gets void, not nullified). This is probably a grading error.


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    I agree that the only possibly correct answer is B, although "void" is the normal thing to say in my experience. D is grammatical, but definitely the wrong meaning.


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    I, too, find "nullify" to be the only correct one among the choices given. But we would more likely say "void" or "invalidate" in this situation.
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