Nullify? unvalidate?

Rigardo Lee

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Hello, it's Ric.

I'm quite at a loss as to what word would fit the best in the following 'technician, business' context. :) Thanks in advance.

Unauthorized repair or modifications to the product without manufacturers’ approval ___________ the warranty coverage.

A : may null
B : may unvalidate
C : void

What would sound perfect for native ears? Better suggestions always welcome.
  • manfy

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    I've seen "void the warranty" more often. (And I'm probably one of the few strange people who actually reads the warranty certificate after having spent money on some high tech gadget. :rolleyes:)
    Maybe that's the preferred choice in AE? But it doesn't really matter because void and invalidate have the same meaning in this context.


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    The word "coverage" sounds unnatural. I would remove it. You void or invalidate the warranty, not the warranty coverage.

    Option A is not good, we don't use the verb "null" in this context. We could use is as an adjective, and there is a popular collocation "null and void", so we could say "... may render the warranty null and void".

    Option B is fine, provided "unvalidate" is corrected to "invalidate".

    In option C, using just the verb "void" sounds odd. I would expect either "will void" or "may void".
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