Numbers in titles of popes and kings etc

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English (England)
I was just thinking about how we say these in English and Italian --

eg. Henry the eighth, Charles the first, Pope Benedict the sixteenth etc

In Italian I think it gives, eg, Il papa Benedetto sedici , il re Enrico otto -- is the right? However for the small numbers I think you also get primo, secondo, terzo - is it just a matter of choice for these smaller numbers - you could say either?
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    No, in Italian we also use ordinal numbers: I dont' remember I ever heard say Enrico otto or Vittorio Emanuele tre.

    It is Enrico ottavo, Benedetto Sedicesimo, Pio nono, Vittorio Emanuele terzo...

    Maybe it is viceversa, and cardinal may be used with "big" numbers: Giovanni ventitrè... Mmmm, no I do not like it!
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