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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Sayılar or numaralar?
  2. xpturk New Member

    Actually "Rakamlar" is more common but mostly you should use one of them in different cases.

    For example :
    "Bütçe rakamları üzerinden beraber geçelim" (You cannot use sayılar or numaralar here)
    "Uçakta hangi numarada oturacaksın?" (You cannot use sayı or rakam here)
    "Piyangoda kazanan numaraları açıklıyorum: .... " All of them can be used here but numaralar is more common.
    "Sayısal lotoda kazanan rakamları/sayıları açıklıyorum." You can use also numaralar here but rakamlar or sayılar are better.
  3. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Yeah but i don't understand sentences in turkish.Can you translate into english?
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    Depending on the context, "rakam" is either "digit" or "figure". Number is "sayı" in a mathematical sense: tek sayılar (odd numbers), asal sayı (prime number), etc. "Numara" is "number" whenever you can abbreviate the word: bir numara (number one), oda numaranız 202 (your room number is 202), etc.

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