Numeral+partitive pronouns for higher numerals

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    You have
    שניכם, שלושתכם, ארבעתכם, חמישתכם, שישתכם, שבעתכם

    At what number does the synthetic numeral+pron. suffix form not exist, and what do you say instead? I don't find "העשר מכם" in Google...
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  2. amikama

    amikama sordomodo

    .שמונתכם, תשעתכם, עשרתכם

    From 11 up there are no forms with כינויים חבורים. I don't think that alternative forms exist. Maybe: אתם, כל העשרים, חייבים לצאת מכאן
  3. ystab Senior Member

    I think until ten. After that, maybe like in English, אתם האחד-עשר (though now that I say it, it sounds strange), לכם האחד-עשר and so on.

    I would simply use כול and its conjugations (כולנו, כולכם, כולם and so on).

    One exception that I can think of is באלפיהם or ברבבותיהם (and the appropriate conjugations). For example, האזרחים הצביעו באלפיהם בבחירות האחרונות, which grossly shows the multitude of people who, in this example, voted.

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