1. The Solitary Banned

    Argentine Spanish
    Hi peoples:

    Como se pregunta en ingles el número de calzado de un invidivuo y ademas quiero saber como se puede comparar la escala de pulgadas que usan los paises de angloparlantes para referirse al talle del calzado con la que usamos nosotros en sudamerica que es otra escala en centimetros supongo.

    Greetings And thanks
  2. patin Senior Member

    Costa Rica español
    shoe size

    What is your shoe size?

    Lo otro no sé, yo simplemente reviso la tiqueta :)

  3. charisma_classic

    charisma_classic Senior Member

    English, U.S.A.
    In the US, we would ask:

    "What is your shoe size?"
    "What size shoe(s) do you wear?"

    As for a comparison of sizes, try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe_size
    There are also a number of links to international conversion charts at the bottom of the page. Note that not all English-speaking countries use the same measurement system for shoes (or anything else).
  4. andrew_g2 Senior Member

    Cantabria, España
    English - British
    Yes it´s confusing: in Europe, shoes often have three sizes written on them: American, British and European.
  5. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

  6. The Solitary Banned

    Argentine Spanish
    Thanks you very much, Jinti for the comparison chart I saw all I need it and thanks also at the rest of people.

    See you next post forum,
    Greetings for everybody!!

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