nun´s wink


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I have another question concerning a Kyril Bonfiglioli´s novel.

context: an art dealer is speaking with an art restorer.

I told him the Spränger would be arriving from Sotheby´s and that I thought the drapery over Venus´ oh-be-joyful was later work and probably concealed a very fair example of the nun´s wink.

As for anatomic details, I´m rather indecisive here.
  • Micana

    Czech Republic, Czech
    I thougt so, just didn´t want to make some fatal mistake in translation. Thank you.


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    Micana - if you're trying to translate these, I wouldn't be too literal. I think "nun's wink" is a reference to some expression like "as discreet as a nun's wink". It's just using secrecy as a metaphor for genitalia (just like 'oh-be-joyful' is using fun/happiness).
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