Nunca pude saber lo que pasó...

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    ¿Traducí bien la siguiente oración?:

    I never got to know what happened in my absence, because nobody has told me the whole truth.

    Nunca pude saber lo que pasó en mi ausencia, porque no me contó nadie toda la verdad.
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    It is correct although I would have said: "Nunca conseguí saber lo que pasó en mi ausencia porque nadie me contó/ha contado toda la verdad".


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    Also: Nunca llegué ... porque no nadie me ...
    There's a problem with the original - the first part is a preterite, the second part is a present perfect. They should agree, both in English and Spanish. Eg.,
    I have never found out what happened, because nobody has ever told me.
    I never found out ...nobody ever told me.

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