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Could anyone please explain what nursery edition is.
The context:
All my editions of the "Alice" books were stored in this cupboard; Mr. Dodgson had faithfully sent me each and every one, specially bound and inscribed: foreign editions, nursery editions, reissues

The extract is taken from "Alice I Have Been" by Melanie Benjamin - a novel about Alice Liddell, the prototype of Alice in Wonderland

Thank you
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    A nursery, in this context, is a room for small children.

    A nursery edition of a book is an edition that is intended for use in such a room - that is, intended for small children. They can't read, so someone must read the book to them, or are just learning to read. A nursery edition might have large print, a durable binding, and lots of illustrations. It might also be edited to use simpler language than the original book.


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    "The Nursery Alice" is a special edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that the author created for small children. The full text and illustrations can be found here. An original copy would, I think, be very valuable these days.
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