nursing traumatic wounds made little difference

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    Things had been different before enlightenment had modified the attitude toward death and swept away the vicious cruelty of the funeral convention. In those days, proof of death had to be established on a practical plane. Those who attended wakes and funeral services saw and believed. And they went away convinced that the loved one was actually beyond this life and that there would be no complications arising from a supposedly dead person showing up again. That the close ones also went away nursing traumatic wounds made little difference.

    Context: This is a excerpt from a science fiction novel called Simulacron-3. In this world, people don't feel too much pain about their family members' death. And this is a description about the past situation.

    What does "nursing traumatic wounds made little difference" indicate here?

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    I read it to mean that no one was particularly concerned that people attending funerals left with serious psychological wounds inflicted by the experience of witnessing the event.

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