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    I was trying to translate a passage and realised I don't know how to say 'nuts' in general.

    The sentence was:

    In my days, girls in the family were not given sweets, nuts and good things to eat.

    De mon temps, on ne donnait pas de bonbons, de fruits secs ou de bonnes choses aux filles d'une famille.

    When I looked up 'nuts,' I was presented with a range of options but not fruits secs (which I guess means dried fruit). I found 'noix' - but this seems to imply a particular kind of nut. Also suggested in the dicionary were amande (again a specific kind of nut) and noisette (likewise). Is there not a generic word for all nuts in French?
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    You are right we do not have a generic term in French for nuts.

    To make a correct translation you will have to list all the kinds of nuts - "noix, noisettes, amandes, cacahuètes etc." or say "fruits à écale" - "écale" means shell - but we (well I) don't really use the word "fruits à écale".

    I think you should say "noix" even if it's not a perfect translation of nuts!

    You cannot use "fruits secs" because it means (as you said) dried fruit.
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    Hi DOB_BY,
    I don't think we have a more generic term than "des noix" - for example if you talk about a nut allergy you say in French "allergie aux noix" (divers types de noix) - and then you'd say "allergie à la noisette/à la noix de cajou etc..."

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