où vos désirs sont à la mode


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Hello again,

Le magasin xxxx se veut être, depuis 1909, le lieu incontournable où vos désirs sont à la mode.

Since 1909 the xxx department store has been an unmissable point-of-call, where your desires set the trend, where fashion mirrors your desires???
It goes on to say that today the store is spacious, modern, etc.

I'm not sure what they mean by the phrase - is it in the sense of customers have been always to find what they want?

Many thanks
  • paulvial

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    It means that your desires are fashionable / "in" / cool , and both your interpretation " where your desires set the trend " and "where fashion mirrors your desires are excellent
    The department store wants to be seen /recognised as the (one) place where your ....
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