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    ! was wondering if there are any types of trees in Greece that relate to the Oak tree family?
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    The main Greek words for 'oak' are η δρυς/ η βαλανιδιά/η βελανιδιά.
    There is also an evergreen oak (Holm or Holly oak): ο πρίνος/ το πουρνάρι.

    Υοu can read about the different varieties of δρυς here: http://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%92%CE%B5%CE%BB%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%B9%CE%AC

    One Greek proverb about the oak:
    Δρυός πεσούσης πας ανήρ ξυλεύεται. When the oak tree falls, everyone wants to get hold of some of the wood. That is, when a powerful person or institution loses power, everyone wants to profit from the downfall.
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