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  1. Murray Mints Member

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    Any idea what the plural of oasis is in English? (I have felling it might be "oases" but it looks a bit odd.

    I'm translating the phrase: "Ces temps exceptionnels peuvent être des oasis de grâce pour les femmes" for a church notice sheet. (The times in question are Saturday morning ladies' breakfasts!)
  2. Maître Capello

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    Your suggestion is indeed correct (e.g., see TFD s.v. oasis).

    P.S.: Welcome to the WR forums!
  3. marget Senior Member

    The plural is oases, according to my dictionary.
  4. Murray Mints Member

    Perpignan, France
    English - Great Britain
    That's great! Thanks, guys. And thanks for the speedy responses!
  5. yann_ccc Banned

    quite true for the purists, yes

    but mind you, from the point of view of pure descriptive linguistics many of you will soon have to accept "oasises"

    ..the plural of "stiletto" is "stilettos" not "stiletti" anymore ;-)
  6. wildan1

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    oasises sounds very strange to my ears, yann. I don't think you'll hear it anytime soon...even from "non-purists"

    oases, parentheses, metamorphoses, emphases, crises are all plurals of common words ending in -is

    For a clear explanation of this whole area in English see here
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