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    how would you translate the expression "obitum hominum", as it goes inserted in the title of this book, written by the Swiss theologian Ludwig Lavater: De spectris, lemuribus et magnis atque insolitis fragoribus et prasagitionibus quae obitum hominum, clades mutationesque imperiorum praecedunt"? I have already translated most part of this title, but it might as well be full of mistakes.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you, but I'm looking for the meaning of that expression "as it goes inserted" in the phrase, i.e., acting as subordinative, if I say it correctly. What you just gave me any dictionary can do, but I'm sorry if this request of mine shows how unlearned I am rather than posing a true challenge to you.


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    "...which presage persons' deaths"
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    Could you please give your try ? Anyhow the meaning of obitum hominum cannot change inserted in any clause . Here this phrase is one of the three direct objects (1 obitum hominum, 2 clades, 3 mutationesque imperiorum ) of the verb praecedunt ; the suject is the relative pronoun quae the antecedents of which are insolitis fragoribus et prasagitionibus . Hope it helps.
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    Sorry, I was thinking you were confused by the similar endings ("-um") of two consecutive words.

    No subordinative, it is a plain, typical title with a plain, typical Latin word order:

    "On [...certain things] that presage persons' death [...and other things]"
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    Quiviscumque, Scholiast and J.F. de Troyes, les agradezco. I believe I had it all right, after your answers. And, in reply to de Troyes, I fear my being too ridiculous, by showing to you what resulted from my attempt of translating this phrase, since I'd not adventure myself by doing so in English. I have nonetheless translated it to Portuguese, which follows.

    "Dos espectros, lêmures e maiores, todavia insólitos, boatos e presságios que precedem a morte dos homens, a destruição e o império da mutação"
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