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    "I think of the place as my home."

    Above sentence, is it standing to a reason that I consider "as my home " as objective complement in part of speech,
    or it is just preposition phrase?

    Can you please give an example that preposition phrase is used as objective complement?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. gramman

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    Hi DynamicSeo

    I'm just an amateur grammarian, so you should probably wait for a more informed answer.

    It looks like this is indeed an object complement.
    This Wiki Answer has information about "total" and "primary" objective complements that may have led you to your question about prepositional phrases.
    This post from the English Language and Usage forum at stackexchange.com offers a discussion of adjective phrases and object complements, noting the distinction between grammatical (formal) and syntactical (structural) descriptions of adjective phrases. I'm guessing this can be applied to prepositional phrases as well.

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