objeto de negocio

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    Field and topic:
    How'd you translate this?

    Sample sentence:
    Objeto de negocio en los que se basan los informes navegables.
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    Hi Annette.
    Kindly provide us with some background information... including field and topic, which you didn't supply.
    Also, tell us a bit of what's being said in the text you have in front of you. Are they discussing some sort of reporting protocol, are they commenting on the company's mission, are they talking about the benefits of certain product?

    Please help us help you!

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    Sure. It's not a text exactly. It's a tool for software programmers that I have been given to translate. This tool helps the programmers when they are to make and design their schemes, tables, charts etc. It is for this reason they need an English translation of their terms (so that they can put them into these schemes, tables...etc). Objeto de negocio is one of these terms. When a user, having bought and installed this particular software program, (s)he can enter this area called "Objetos de.." (S)he can then view different areas or items related to business, there. For this reason I have seriously thought of calling it "business items" ...¿cómo te parece? Previously it was translated: "Business objects", and this I find something wrong with as I associate object with smt. tangible.
    Hope this helps you help.
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