oblong bubble


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A quote from Mrs Obama:
“That day, I stared for a few extra seconds at the little oblong bubble next to my husband's name for president of the United States.
what does "oblong bubble" mean?
Thanks in advance
  • analeeh

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    'Bubble' here refers to a shape printed on the paper for you to make a mark in (i.e. the shape of the فراغ on the form). Oblong means, that it's longer on two sides than on the other two sides. The phrase suggests to me something like this:



    Arabic (Egypt).
    For oblong, I'd say مستطيل, but I guess فقاعة would be strange here. I think here she's just referring to المستطيل الذي يحمل لقب "رئيس الولايات المتحدة" بجوار اسم زوجها.
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