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Françoise BLANC

I would like to underline a mistake. This word "oblong" does not mean "rectangle" in French. It means "oblongue" or "allongé"
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    Bonjour, Françoise BLANC, et merci pour votre suggestion :)

    Il semble cependant que "oblong" soit un faux ami car le sens donné par les dictionnaires anglais est bien "rectangle/rectangulaire" et non "oblong".

    oblong - English-French Dictionary WordReference.com
    oblong n(rectangle)rectangle nm
    The room is an oblong, with windows on the short sides.
    La pièce est un rectangle, avec des fenêtres aux petits côtés.

    a flat shape with four sides and four angles of 90° and opposite sides of equal length
    square noun (SHAPE)
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    OBLONG | Definition of OBLONG by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com also meaning of OBLONG
    A rectangular object or flat figure with unequal adjacent sides.

    oblong - WordReference.com Dictionary of English
    in the form of a rectangle one of whose dimensions is much greater than the other.

    Maybe another sense should be added for our "French" oblong:
    oblong - WordReference.com Dictionary of English
    ob•long (oblông′, -long′), adj.
    1. Mathematics elongated, usually from the square or circular form.


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    Thank you for your message. I have added this sense. It will be included in future translation projects, and once translated into the various languages, will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.