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    Hola amigos!

    Estoy en apuros necesitando la traducción de esta palabra OBRADOR, se refiera a la casita de madera que se construye durante una obra de construcción en la que se cambian los albañiles y trabajadores, guardan herramientas y materiales, etc. GRACIAS
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    "Construction shack" tal vez. Lo que es muy común es "construction trailer," pero no si está hecha de madera.
  3. Sympathy Senior Member

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    My UK answer is rather like Chris' K's from the USA. Here they are generally made of board and perhaps some plywood, all on a steel frame. They are re-usable: when a building job is finished they can be taken away on a lorry to the contractor's next job; or a builder may hire one from a supplier for the duration of his job.

    So we might call them "(portable) buiding site sheds". The general public here usually calls them portacabins: Portakabin is the name of a large manufacturer of them.
  4. Peter P

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    I heard a lot like Chris said but shortten just "shack".


    Peter P.
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    all good answers. ''site office" if it has the management personnel

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