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The grip ran out at 40, it accelerated like a Greek afternoon, and I’m willing to bet its spark plugs stop working whenever there’s an idiot in Number 10

J. Clarkson. The Top Gear Years, Penguin Books Limited 2012
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Is Number 10 the Number 10 on downing-street? And so whenever there’s an idiot in Number 10 means too often ?

Or what?
  • entangledbank

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    Yes, very probably: he's implying that whoever's running the country is an idiot, so the spark plugs are always going wrong.


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    If it does accelerate at all, then evidently the sparking plugs do work.
    Given Clarkson's outlook, I would read the meaning as 'whenever a Labour government is in office'.
    This expresses a view often heard at the lounge bar that nothing works properly under Labour.
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