Obscure slang? "Gudgy"

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UK, English/Portuguese(Br)
Hey peeps,

Just came across the word "gudgy" and have NO idea what it is about!
It is certainly from the UK, so if anyone could help with this,,,,

The phrase was: "Gudgy, Good - a relief to know one´s got it going"

The closest meaing I know is boor,,,, but I suppose it´s a sort of rare slang.

  • Loob

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    I think I've only heard it in a Geordie accent, and as "gadgie", simply meaning "man".

    Bibliolept's wiki link looks accurate - it's certainly borne out by the entries for "gadgie" and "gudgie" in the Urban Dictionary. I guess the meaning in the original sentence will depend on who's saying it, and, crucially, where.


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    I found "Gudgy - good idea" in an airsofters.co.uk forum post. In that instance, another forum members nickname is gudgy666, presumable because he or she comes from Ayrshire and gudgy is, according to several posts at the Urban Dictionary, a Scottish highlands slang term for someone who comes from Dingwall and the surrounding area.

    Could that be the case in the example given?
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