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Hi! :)

What does “observation” mean in this context?

I found two definitions in Oxford dictionary I use – 1) the act of watching somebody or something carefully for a period of time. 2)a comment based on something you have seen, heard. I think they are both suitable for this case. And I am not sure which one is better… :confused: Could you have a look for me? Many thanks!

(Prison Break – Paul, the agent of the Secret Service, threatened to expose warden’s private secret [he had an illegitimate child named Will Clayton] to his wife if warden refused to accept the transfer order about Michael Scofield)

Paul: May I ask you a question, Warden? More of an observation, really. I was looking at the, um, morgue photos from that boy back in Toledo, Will Clayton. And, my Lord, if he wasn't the spitting image of his daddy.
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    Hi presl

    It's the second one - he's making a comment, rather than asking a question.
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