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  1. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    Se dice "obsesión con" o "obsesión por"? "Obsesionado con" o "obsesionado por." (¿O es "de'?)
  2. Lity Member

    Según yo es Obsession= obsesion ,y puede ser ante una cosa o persona
    Obsession with= obsesion con; que indicaria que tienes una bosesion con ese algo
  3. blancalaw

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    USA, English
    Hola Soyyo,
    How would you use that expression in the sentence? If you want to say I am obsessed with boys, It sounds better to say "Los chicos me obsesionan" It is one of those words in Spanish that sounds better backwards (like "me gusta").
  4. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    I don't know why but, to me, "los chicos me obsesionan" sounds as if a Spaniard were talking. :D ;)
    I definitely would say "estoy obsesionada(o) con..."

    Best regards, :)

    EDIT: I'm sorry, you also want to know what to use with "obsesión". :D Well, I would say "obsesión por", but "obsesión con" doesn't sound wrong to me...
    For example: "tengo una obsesión por los chicos".

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