Obsessive compulsive disorder where

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Or drug abuse. The real reason not to use drugs -they damage your brain. Obsessive compulsive disorder where the front part of the brain typically works too hard, so that people cannot turn off their thoughts.
Source: TEDx Talks-The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans Daniel Amen TEDxOrangeCoast 3:47

Is "obsessive compulsive disorder" a subject? where is the verb?
  • The second, odd sentence is missing a subject and verb, understood to be something like. [Such damage may show in an] obsessive compulsive disorder....

    This is not uncommon, by the way. "Tell me what you are looking for. " "My dog." [I'm looking for my dog.]
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    This appears to be part of a list. There's no verb earlier either:
    Whatever comes before.
    Or drug abuse.
    Obsessive compulsive disorder.
    Whatever comes next.
    There is a verb preceding the list. ."They (drugs) damage your brain [pictures shown]. OCD [picture], etc Hence, one can consider, before each item, "An example of such damage is...".

    It is no more mysterious than saying You need nutritious foods: fresh salmon, lettuce and tomatoes. In more words, "An example of such food is fresh salmon; (another) example is lettuce, etc.

    He's giving information orally, in an understandable fashion; he's not just letting go, like Jame Joyce, a series of loosely associated images.

    The transition from talk to print often looks like (above) what's been quoted and written.
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