Occitan: at work by 9


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I would like to say:

She has to be at work by 9:00.

I'm not sure how to translate "by":

(Ela) deu ésser al trabalh d'aicí/avanç a las 9. (?)

Thanks in advance!
  • itka

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    I can't answer your question, I'm not that good in occitan ! But I found this forum where somebody could maybe help you, there.


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    Thanks a bunch, but that site assumes I know at least enough Occitan to get around...which I don't. I'll just have to take my time navigating it:) (...it's not too unlike French)


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    (...it's not too unlike French)
    And like in French, there is no exact translation for English "by + time". Your sentence can mean different things depending on the context (for example, if you're talking about her daily routine, or if you're saying it urgently on one particular morning at 8:57am). But a general purpose translation could be Li cal (or deu) èsser al trabalh abans (or avanç) nòu oras.

    I think that d'aicí a is more like jusqu'à in French (i.e., it would mean she has to stay at work until 9 o'clock).


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    I also think d'aicí would have a totally different meaning, but it's not like French jusqu'à; it's more like dans. D'aicí (a) mièja ora ‘in half an hour’; d'aicí (a) pauc ‘soon’; d'aicí endavant ‘from now on’, where aicí ‘here’ stands for ‘now’ (the time is space metaphor).

    D'ara endavant: a partir d'ara. D'aicí endavant: a partir d'aicí. [source]