Occitan/Provencal: Months, Days of the Week

Hello all!
There may be not a high chance with asking on here,
but would anyone of you, linguists, happen to have come across any sound files/video containing the names of the months, seasons and days of the week
in Occitan AND specifically in Provencal?
I know how they're written but I need to know how they're pronounced.
And whatever I find on Occitan and Provencal does not contain the months.

Thanks in advance.
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    I will do more research about pronunciation, but I found this on the Portuguese Wiktionary page.

    EDIT: I just realized that Franco-Provançal is not Provançal, so I don't know how helpful the above will be. However I found the months in Occitan:

    gèr/genièr, febrièr, març, abril/abriu, mai, junh, julhet, agost/avost/aost, setembre/seteme, octòbre, novembre/noveme, decembre/deceme
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    It seems hard indeed to find audios for the Provençal variety. Most seem to be in standardized Occitan.

    What I can tell you, while in the absence of a Provençal speaker, is what pronunciation might be expected for days and seasons.

    Days in Occitan (including Provençal) to me, a Catalan speaker, are almost identical. I'm adding what I think is the Provençal pronunciation of it, according to rules.

    diluns [di'lys]
    dimars [di'maRs] (Provençal seems to have adopted a gutural R)
    dimècres [di'mɛkRes] (Provençal apparently pronounces final s unlike other Occitan varieties)
    dijòus [di'd͡ʒɔws]
    divendres [di'vendRes] (Provençal maintains the v sound, unlike betacism in other varieties)
    dissabte [di'sate]
    dimenge [di'mend͡ʒe]

    Seasons would be:

    la prima ['pRimɔ]
    l'estiu [es'tiw]
    l'autona [ɔw'tunɔ]
    l'ivèrn [i'vɛR(n)]