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I tried searching for a sound sample of Occitan just now, but unfortunately a lot of the sites appear to be French to my untrained eye. Can someone help me find a sample of this? I'd like to hear what it sounds like, in comparison to French.
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    Thomas1 said:
    I think strictly speaking Provençal is a dialect of Occitan (of the Southern Occitan group).
    I wonder what Frédéric Mistral (1830-1914), Nobel prize of literature 1904, would have said to that... In fact, Thomas1 is quite right historically, but to still call Provençal a “dialect” just shows how bad things went.

    Mistral devoted his entire life to the literary revival of Provençal. The main reason for his failure is le jacobinisme républicain, the dominant French national ideology which doesn’t favour any other language than French.

    It is true that there are several dialects of Lenga d’Òc which is the same as Occitan, a collective name in opposition to langue d’Oïl, cf. DCPaco (#2), but this is the case for most languages in a state of development, cf. the term Ausbausprache. Common language policylanguage engineering, if you want - is to choose one dialect, usually one which carries prestige and in which some literature may already have been produced. And indeed, Provençal was the literary language of the troubadours of the late Middle Age. It was natural for Mistral to choose this name for his revival attempt.

    Now that there is no real hope of ever reviving Provençal, anybody can call a «langue d’Oc» anything, and in fact, several dialects are now competing for favour... They are not dangerous any more for the unity of France.

    Divide et impera...
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