Occitan: Strike One


I realise that this is French/English (please don't shout at me :-( ) but there is no link to Langue D'Oc in Romance Languages.

Although I realise that it is a sporting context, I rather hope there is an occitan speaker can help me with a translation of "Strike One" the baseball call.

My best effort is "Picada Una . . ."

Context . . . Having been told I had indigestion by my doctor in England, a week later a French doctor arranged emergency admission to Pasteur in Toulouse where they fixed a critical coronary leision. I want to remind myself how lucky I was and to encourage me stay on the right track. Because it was Toulouse and because the area we stay in is Occitan I'd rather like it tatooed on my thigh in that language.

As it will be with me for the rest of my days, I'd like it to be correct

Sorry for burbling on . . . and hope someone can help

  • Lurrezko

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    Welcome to the forum, Pat46:)

    Even if you get a literal translation, I guess it won't be easily understandable in Occitan, as it wouldn't in Catalan, a neighbour language, since baseball is not a popular sport at all in this neck of the woods. But maybe I'm wrong, let's wait an Occitan native.


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    No one's going shout at you, this is the correct forum for Occitan. :) I haven't seen many native speakers around, though…

    Like Lurrezko, I would suggest not trying to translate baseball terminology into Occitan (and certainty not using the word picada, which means pretty much the opposite of strike in this context).

    The official word for strike in French is prise, but no one would know this or be able to guess this without being told. The Occitan equivalent would be presa, but this is even less likely to be understood. Someone who didn't know these terms and who was trying to explain the rules of baseball in French/Occitan would most likely just use the English word strike, or else something with very negative connotations like ratage/coup manqué/loupé. I also can't think of anything equivalent to the metaphorical strike one! as an expression in French/Occitan, other than something very literal, like premier avertissement "first warning".

    How about writing strike one in English and adding an Occitan cross?