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  1. purasbabosadas

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    I want to translate the verb "to stink" in Occitan in the following context:"The garbage stinks".
  2. ryba

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    I'd say pudir, 'sentir pas a bon' = 'to smell bad'. Compare Catalan pudir or French puer. Now, the question is how to conjugate it:

    las escobilhas pudon / las escobilhas pudisson '(the) garbage stinks'​

    According to Verbix and Traductor automàtic de l'occità, it should be pudon, which corresponds one-to-one with Catalan puden (les escombraries puden) and French puent, so it looks like this is the conjugation considered standard. If you google it up, you can find it, among others, in the saying las paraulas pudon pas, literally 'words don't stink', which is something you may say to someone disgusted by you talking about disgusting stuff.

    On the Internet, though, you can find just as many instances of pudisson, including the proverb/saying los enfants dels autres pudisson, literally 'somebody else's children stink', which means that you don't usually have as much patience or tenderness for children that aren't your own.

    I'm a learner, not a native speaker. Let's see what others say. There sure are other ways to express that. :)

  3. Penyafort

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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    In Catalan, the use of pudir as a verb is rather regarded as literary, hardly ever used in spoken speech. People prefer to use the noun with the construction fer pudor (literally, 'to do/give off stink": les escombraries fan pudor.

    I ignore whether Occitan does the same, though.
  4. ryba

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    Thank you, Penyafort. Occitan uses many other periphrases with far, but it looks like it doesn't have that meaning for pudor at all; it has one equivalent to the first meaning in Catalan. The only Google hits for "fa pas pudor" (and similar searches) are in Catalan.
  5. Sardokan1.0

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    Sardu / Italianu
    It's not to be excluded that Occitan, unlike Catalan uses this verb in every day speech. The identical verb "pudire" it's also used in Sardinian in normal every day speech.

    (the) garbage stinks - s'alga pùdit
    (the) garbage is stinky - s'alga est pùdida
    (the) garbage is stinking - s'alga est pudende

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