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    One day I called in looking to speak to someone, but it was his colleague who answered the phone. He told me that the person I was looking for was occupied, but before he said "XXX is occupied", he said something else with the same meaning, which I simply can't recall. My question is what are some other colloquial ways of saying "someone is occupied at the moment". I know one could say "XXX is busy right now" or "XXX is not available to take the call right now" instead. Please advice me on some other ways of expressing the same meaning.

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    Could it have been He's tied up at the moment?
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    ewie's suggestion seems likely. It's a very common way of saying that someone isn't available without saying exactly why.

    We don't provide lists of synonyms. If that is what you would like, you can use our Thesaurus. For instance, for synonyms of busy, click this link: ---> English synonyms.
    If you click on any of the words in that list, you will be taken in turn to synonyms for that word.
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    Thank you. That was really helpful.

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