Ocho dias, quince dias


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I apologize if this question has been asked ad nauseum in the past but why is ocho dias = one week and quince dias = two weeks?
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    Quizas algo de contexto ayude un poco más.
    Pero quince días = una quincena = dos semanas

    y OCHO DIAS puede tener el mismo sentido: una semana de lunes a lunes, por ej.


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    Hi gerado and welcome to the forums!

    You have the better of me: I didn't know that ocho días meant a week (though I've always understood that quince días meant a fortnight).

    I think it depends where you start counting.

    Imagine, for example, that today is Monday.

    If you assume today is "day zero", then day 15 from now will be Tuesday of the week after next.

    But if you assume today is "day one" then day 15 from now will be Monday of the week after next.

    English sees today as day zero; Spanish (and some other European languages) see it as day one.



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    Totally agree with Loob. At least in Mexico we think that the day is number one, so if today is Monday and someone said: "Nos vemos dentro de 8 días"... the meeting or whatever is going to be that reunion would be next monday :D


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    That ocho días is a week and quince días is two weeks is probably one of the first "quirks" of the language my 8th grade Spanish class was taught.

    But now, lo these many years later, I'm still unclear on how to faithfully render the English eight days (not one week) or fifteen days (not two weeks) into proper and unambiguous Spanish.

    Mis intentos:

    Tenemos que regresar en ocho días a partir de hoy.
    Mi credencial vence en quince más días.

    Do these, or either of them, say what I mean?


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    Let me tell you that to undestand that trouble you are having with the 8 days and 15 days you would have to do a sociology study of the Latinamerican culture and how disorganized are we. In Peru you say 7 days to refer to a week, but 15 days to refer to two weeks. Doesn't make any sense? you are right. But that's what makes us great!! jeje