OD'd on Mexican

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They had found him lying on the sofa in what rich folks no doubt called ‘the great room,’ a beached whale of a man in blue silk pajamas.
‘Besides, it’s not like the guy had a for-real heart attack,’ Jason said. ‘Just OD’d on Mexican. Refused a lift to the hospital, didn’t he?’

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Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

Is OD'd on Mexican an euphemism for 'ate too much spicy Mexican food (that caused his heart palpitation)'?

Thank you
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    It's difficult to tell from the abbreviated quote, but from the context here, it sounds like the guy had heartburn. This is not actually an affliction of the heart, but acid in the esophagus causing indigestion and pain in the chest. However, it can be difficult to tell the difference when one is suffering from it.


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    I suspect that "Mexican" refers to cocaine (or less likely, heroin) smuggled in from Mexico. The context will help.
    I would not take this to be a reference to drugs in any way, but to Mexican food. Overdosing on drugs is not the same thing as a heart attack, but it is still a serious medical condition requiring treatment -- while a greedy fat man who simply ate too many burritos is not.


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    There's more context to be found in this thread: booking for the kitchen

    If the condition is cured by a trombone blast from the nether regions, it's probably over-consumption of beans, not cocaine.
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