odds are stacked against him

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rushang thakar

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The Oscars favour movies with a character whose odds are stacked against him, like in Birdman, Cast Away and The King’s Speech, according to many analyses.
what does mean:eek:dds are stacked against him
  • dojibear

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    AE (US English)
    "odds" comes from betting. It refers to the ratio of what you bet to how much you win, which is decided by how likely each result is.

    If something is probable, we say "the odds are in its favor". If something is not probable, "the odds are against it".

    When a movie says the odds are stacked against him, it means that things are set up to make it very unlikely he will succeed. He is likely to fail, because so many things about his situation are stacked up against his success. If a gambler bet on him, the odds would be against him.
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