Odge the hag

Daniel A.

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«Odge Gribble was a hag. And up to a point, Odge
did get a little more hag-like. She had unequal eyes:
the left one was green and the right one was brown,
and she had one blue tooth – but it was a molar and
right at the back; the kind you only see when you’re
at the dentist. There was also a bump on one of her
feet which just could have been the beginning of an
extra toe, though not a very big one.
From that day on, Odge was a girl with a mission.
She started school the following year and worked
so hard that she was soon top of her class. She
jogged, she threw boulders around to strengthen
her biceps, she studied maps of London and tried
to cough up frogs.»

Secret of Platform 13 - Eva Ibbotson

Din text reiese că Odge era o vrăjitoare, touși ultima frază frază,
tried to cough up frogs, nu cumva este o expresie care nu se referă
literal la a scuipa broaște când strănuta?
  • Daniel A.

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    Se pare că, într-adevăr, scotea broaște. Mai jos în text se arată că odată Odge a scos un broscoi. Consider această postare încheiată.