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    Hey everyone,

    Could someone help me with the definition of this word. My friend is driving me to work everyday and last time I was a bit late, later I asked him if we are meeting at the same time as always, and he asked " a Ty odpierdzielasz?"

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    Hi Eugene,

    Is he or she a good friend of yours? That's not a nice thing to say, and it doesn't make much sense.

    Was his answer something to the effect of 'Yes, the same time and place as usual, a Ty odpierdzielasz?' Then 'a Ty odpierdzielasz?' would have the meaning of 'And you'll :warn:fuck up and show up late again'?, the only difference being that 'odpierdzielać' is not as strong as :warn:'Fuck up'.
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    Even with the context given it is impossible to tell what he meant.
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    Hi Eugene,

    Another definition I can give you for this is something along the lines of "Are you fucking off to work then?" Although the word 'work' is not mentioned, it can sometimes mean "A Ty odpierdzielasz do pracy?" - 'do pracy' being 'off to work'.

    Keep in mind it is a very rude way to stipulate this, and really only used in a emphatically vulgar way.
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    Interesting. I've never heard this word used in this meaning, but, for some people, this type of words can be quite 'polivalent'.

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