of course, you're still welcome to my apartment

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Hi. I want to say "of course, you're still welcome to my apartment", or "of course, you're welcome to my apartment all the same"... or something like that. This is my try:

Évidemment, vous êtes [néanmoins] entièrement bienvenu à mon appartement [néanmoins].

I have two questions:
* "Évidemment" sounds like "obviously" to me, and what I want to say is "of course". Any better way of expressing that?
* Where would you place "néanmoins"?

  • emma42

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    British English
    I don't think you need both "of course" and "nevertheless", PoisonedQuill. There's nothing actually wrong with évidemment, but the other suggestions sound more appropriate in the context of what you're saying.
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