of great importance VS great important

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    Hi All:

    1 What is the difference between "of great" and "great"?
    For example,
    It is of great importance for you.
    It is great important fort you.

    2 Is it common to use " be of adjective + noun"
    If so, can you take an example :)


  2. panjandrum

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    It is of great importance to you. :tick:
    It is great important to you. :cross:

    Importance is a noun; important is an adjective.
    You cannot have one adjective modify another (great modifying important)

    It is greatly important to you ... possible but sounds a little odd.
    It is very important to you. :tick:
  3. Elwintee Senior Member

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    1. The difference is that 'it is great important for you' is incorrect. We can say 'it is very important for you', but do not use 'great' without the 'of'.
    2. Yes, it is used often, but usually in a rather formal/written context.

    For example:
    1) 'it is of immense significance that...'. [If you omit the 'of', then you have to say 'it is immensely significant that...'.]
    2) 'it is of no use your saying...'.
    3) 'it is of some interest that...'
  4. Unlacted Senior Member

    Hi all,

    Similarly to the sentences written above, is it correct to use a superlative and to say "it is of the greatest importance"?

    Thanks you for your help

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