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Mind if I ask what "of little means" means?

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GenJen54 said:
Hi Simona,

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A "bum" is usually used to describe someone of little means who begs on streetcorners. Many homeless people are considered "bums" because they ask others for money.

Bum is not restricted to the poor, however. A young person who is of means, but elects not to work and chooses instead to "mooch" off of his or her parents can be considered as a "bum."
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    "of little means" - not having much money.

    "Of means" - having lots of money

    "Means" = money (basically).

    He could not afford to go on holiday with his friends, as he was a man of little/small means.

    She was able to buy new designer clothes every week, as she was a woman of means.