of the most perilous nature

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It is true that during their explorationsthey often faced difficulties and dangers of the most perilous nature.
Does "of the most perilous nature" mean "difficulties and dangers" are caused by "the most perilous nature" or "the nature of difficulties and dangers is perilous" ?
:eek: I really hope that you will not get confused about what I say.
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    The latter: the nature of the difficulties is perilous. This is a fairly fixed pattern: we might also see 'of the most urgent nature', 'of the most disastrous nature', etc.

    To get your first meaning with similar words, you could say dangers 'of nature at its most perilous'. This is Nature, that stuff out there in the world.


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    well, when we say 'red-sun' , obviously there is no 'blue-sun'! I suppose 'perilous' is used to emphasise the dangers.
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