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I know there is a thread about this topic, but I read it and I still don't get it.
What does 'of th scene' mean? It appears in the song 'Alright' by Supergrass. It goes like this:

Of the scene, as she turns, we are strange in our worlds.

The song is about how they enjoy being young or something like that.
By the way, I don't understand what does "she" refer to, as they don't talk about women in the song.

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    Btw, the previous sentece may help:

    Are we like you?
    I can't be sure
    Of the scene
    As she turns
    We are strange
    In our worlds


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    La escena = female
    The scene = neutral "it" (or female "she") if you feel like it in English

    I think it regards the bands attitude and perception of success. "are we like you" (or are we on a pedestal)?
    Are we allowed to be fans of our scene?
    are we leaders of our scene?
    are we in danger of "selling out" the more popular we become?
    if we are perceived to have "sold out" we'll be excluded from our scene (as she turns)?
    if we progress will we help to change the scene or will we be excluded from it (as she turns)?

    Musicians struggle in the battle to "progress their art" whilst "keeping it real". They want to get more popular without selling out. Their scene will turn on them - if they sell out.

    Lyrics are hard to interpret directly because they are often evocative rather than literal. Your interpration is as valid as mine.

    http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=699806&highlight=of+the+scene explains "of the scene"

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