of whose temper we were doubtful

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Please help me.
Would anyone please tell me what the writer means to say by "of whose temper we were doubtful" in the following context. Please tell me the meaning of "temper" in this sentence and what "whose" refers to. Please rephrase this clause.
This sentence is excerpted from an article which is entitled "Jauf and the North Arabian Desert" and published by the Geographical Journal, 1923.

Qara is a long oasis lying in a mud flat, over which we marched well away from the settlement, of whose temper we were doubtful.

Thanks in advance.
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    of whose temper we were doubtful = we were doubtful how friendly (temper) (the people who lived in) the "settlement" were.
    whose refers to the inhabitants of the settlement (they are not mentioned in the text.....but it is understood that's who is meant).
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