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    It's a long story, but I want to say: 'A Russian girl licked cake off of my nipple at the party last night.'

    I was a little confused how to consturct it, in particular, the 'off of' part.

    I was debating, 1. 'dinilahan ng russinan na babae ng cake ang utong ko sa party kagabi.' or, 2. 'Dumila ang russian na babae ng cake sa/nasa utong ko sa party kagabi'

    With onstruction 2, I wasn't sure between 'nasa' or 'sa.'
    Anyway, trying to construct this sentence made me realise, I don't really confident to say 'off of' or 'from.' Ex: 'He took the book off of the table' or 'The woman bought her car from the new car dealership in town'

    Any help would be great!
  2. mataripis

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    it is simply "Inalis"or "tinanggal" ( off/of) The first sentence 1.) A russian licked the cake in my nipple last night in a party. = 1.) Nasa utong ko ang icing ng cake kaya nga hinimod ng rusong babae kagabi sa isang kasiyahan. let's wait for other explanation.
  3. mr. mister New Member

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    My translation is "Dinalaan ng isang babaeng russo ang cake na nasa aking utong kagabi sa party".

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