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    I'm translating a Publishing contract to Spanish, and I'm stuck with this expression.

    NO OFF-SET: No debit balance arising in the Publisher’s favor under this agreement shall be offset by Publisher against any credit balance arising in Propietor’s favor.

    My try:

    NO OFF-SET: Ningún saldo que surja a favor del Editor bajo este convenio será offset por parte del Editor contra cualquier saldo que surja a favor del Propietario.

    I suppose that it's something as using the money for another purposes, but I'm not sure and I don't know the translation in Spanish.

    Can you please help me?
  2. Robañero Senior Member

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    They just want to keep the accounting separate. Off-set here means to use a debit on one side of a ledger to cancel out a credit on the other side, which for whatever reason, they don't wish to allow. I wouldn't know how to say it in Spanish either though...hope that helps a little
  3. Piliana

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    Mexico City
    It helps a lot, Robañero, thank you so much and have a nice day.
  4. Ayutuxtepeque

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    Hola Piliana:

    Lo de "off-set",como sustantivo, en tu contexto específico,vos lo podés traducir como "cruce de cuentas"/"cruce de saldos",o si vos lo preferís, también como "compensación de saldos" o simplemente "compensación". Como verbo, lo de "to off-set",decilo como "compensar".

  5. Sherlockat

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    Be offset (...) against sth= ser imputado/abonado contra algo

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